Mobile working

Maspalomas - Gran Canaria


Mobile Working Maspalomas Gran Canaria

daily vacation after work = workation!

Coliving and Coworking Maspalomas Gran Canaria

Your job allows to work on the move. But there's still something wrong with


It's time for workation: a new level for your quality of life.

The following 'job offer' shows how it works!


Employees in mobile work, freelancer and digital nomads who are dreaming of sunny outdoor-work with their laptop and daily lunch break on the beach at any time of the year.

We don't care how old you are or where you come from, but you should be convinced of the potential of the digital world of work.


Coworking, mobile working, Co-Living Maspalomas Gran Canaria

We provide Co-Living

  • remote workstation
  • reliable internet
  • infrastructure and security according to EU standards
  • accommodation and delicious coffee (or tea if necessary!)
  • workplace and flat under one roof - with like-minded people as neighbours
  • occasional "team-building events" (voluntary, of course!)
  • affordable conditions

Lunch break on the beach: even in Winter!


The VILLA CARPE DIEM consists of four flats, a shared office with four workstations, two individual offices and a subtropical garden with retreats for relaxation or productivity.

To enable focused work, we do not rent out flats to tourists. You will meet like-minded people instead.

The VILLA CARPE DIEM team also lives in the house and is working online, so they know your needs and speak your language.

Speaking of languages: Working languages are English and German, but you can also get on in Spanish and French.

This is how mobile working runs!

Mobile Working Maspalomas Gran Canaria

You get three workplaces with us:

  •     in communal office
  •     in shady garden
  •     in your flat

 work and live
from € 480/month

 The rent depends on size of flat and length of lease.

It's the location that counts!

The VILLA CARPE DIEM is located in Maspalomas, in a quiet side street of trendy Playa del Inglés district.
The beach, the famous dunes and the colourful life in bars, cafés, restaurants and shopping centres are just around the corner.

You can reach the entire island from here by bus, car or bike: 45 minutes to the centre of Las Palmas, 30 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to the tranquillity of canarian mountains.


Whether it's nature or culture: you benefit from the high recreational value of the island.

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