Fantastic days! Carnival 2024

Our experiences with carnival have been rather modest in recent years.

However, this year's carnival surprised us in a very positive way. Everything was well organised and everything else was very relaxed.

During the grand parade everything went so punctually and according to plan that we reached our lookout too late and missed the magnificent floats of the Queen and her ladies-in-waiting.

Later on in the parade, a vehicle broke down, which led to a considerable delay and kept us waiting a long time at our Plan-B observation post.

The carnival queen probably exceeded her collectively agreed working hours due to this delay and called it a day before we could pay homage to her. We were left with empty floats. That was annoying.

But the rest of the carnival programme ran so smoothly and relaxed that we were totally delighted with the event as a whole.

Summary: We have now become real carnivalists!

Our great experience with carnival inspired us to make a film about it, which is already online on our YouTube channel.
You can find out here why it's worth investing a quarter of an hour of your precious time to watch the clip.


And for all those who can't wait at all, you can go straight to the video here:

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