The apartments in VILLA CARPE DIEM

VILLA CARPE DIEM has got six apartments, all individual in size and layout. Three big apartments can be found on the ground floor and three smaller apartments (studios) are on the second floor where is also a little library. So we are actually talking about seven parts in

VILLA CARPE DIEM that are very different in size and character. This is an interesting parallel to the canarian archipelago with its seven different islands. This was the inspiration for us to name our apartments after the islands: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, Lanzarote and the tiny El Hierro which is our library.

All flats are perfectly furnished and they are ready for a long stay. The bigger apartments (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria) can sleep 2-4 , the maximum capacity for the studios upstairs sleeps 2 in each.


Below you'll find more details to the individual units:

About us

Sandra (41) and Guido (53), came over from Hamburg/Germany in 2010. They are inseparably since the year 2000 already and furthermore married since 2006. So they are a perfect team in every sense.

"We are settled on this Island by now and we appreciate the enjoyable climate and the fantastic environment of mountains and (under)sea.  

Life and work are very interesting and diversified here in VILLA CARPE DIEM. We love this great job as we have the opportunity to meet so many different and interesting people consistently who stay with us for a longer time and not only for some days. The tenants of our flats arrive as clients and they leave as friends".

And yes, it's not a cliché: Life under canarian sun is actually much more relaxed than in Europe!!!

More information about  VILLA CARPE DIEM

The building was reconstructed considerably in 2010, finally named VILLA CARPE DIEM and released for renting in 2011.

As this condominium is quite small with only six units, we decided to offer completely furnished apartments for long-term-stay instead of touristic renting. Our special concept is especially interesting for people who want to escape the cruel nordic winter and to overwinter instead for some months in the eternal canarian spring.

As the owners of the house themselves live in VILLA CARPE DIEM, the atmosphere is familiar. That's not least why VILLA CARPE DIEM has got so many loyal tenants for many years already.