Gran Canaria

An island with an enormously high recreational value and the world's best climate. An island that surprises again and again with new sides.

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Admittedly, the real beauty of Gran Canaria does not reveal itself at first sight.


Well, we must confess: the approach to the island on the way from the airport to Maspalomas on a six-lane motorway through plastic-packed banana fields and a dusty industrial area is not really a good introduction.

When you will have finally arrived in the sunny south of the island, walked over the beach and the dunes and, no matter what time of year, jumped into the Atlantic, you'll reconcile yourself with the island.

But if you now think you have finally arrived on Gran Canaria and know everything about it, you are mistaken!

The tourist south with its amenities is only one of many facets of this island. If you are ready for a surprise or even want to experience "love at second sight", you should head for the mountains or to the north of the island with its capital Las Palmas.


Coworking, Coliving, workation, mobile working Maspalomas Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria is an outdoor paradise. No wonder, because most of the island consists of mountains with canyons (barrancos) and huge crater valleys (calderas) and all this in beautiful weather all year round. But there is also a lot to discover underwater while snorkelling and scuba diving all year round.

Most of the island consists of protected areas like nature parks, biosphere reserves and natural monuments. The best way to get to know (and perhaps love) the island is to go on a mountain hike to get in direct contact with land, nature and people.

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