the story

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Once upon a time...
Originally, the VILLA CARPE DIEM was a refuge for long-term tenants and overwinterers.

Many residents were regular guests, because they appreciated the "oasis of peace and silence" in the middle of Maspalomas. And they were looking for an alternative to mass tourism at that time.

For a decade, the house enabled many people to have a good time on Gran Canaria - till the pandemic occured to all of us!

New perspectives
During lockdown we were not allowed to receive guests. So we discovered working remotely in office-jobs at home for ourselves.

The world changed and suddenly things worked that you didn't think were possible before. Eventually we asked ourselves, "Working in an office by internet under palm trees in the canarian sun - why didn't we do it that way before?"


It quickly became clear to us that this shouldn't change after the pandemic.

We are convinced by thiis new way of life + working that we decided to open up this opportunity to other people as well.

Now we are looking forward to the VILLA CARPE DIEM being filled with life again by our CoLiving concept.

The solution: workation
In the combination of work and vacation we see a sustainable perspective for the future of this island and a real alternative to mass tourism.
We are convinced that package tourism is a discontinued model in the new normality of the post-covid-era.

A new way of life will prevail. This is shaped by digitalisation and the challenges of the climate crisis.

Longer stays in a beautiful place like Maspalomas will become possible because work will simply be taken along. This reduces the number of flights, saves on heating costs at home and you don't have to wait until retirement age to fulfil this dream.

Thanks to the good infrastructure, you don't need your own car here. Bikes and buses reach almost every place on the island.


Co-living in Gran Canaria is the answer to the challenges of present and future!


Pioneers on the path to mobile working are the digital nomads. They have been practising this way of life since the internet has existed. The world has moved on; the pandemic acted as a booster. Many other professions also have the opportunity to work location-independently now.

New life on trial
Compared to package tourists, mobile workers look at the island with different eyes. They get involved with the country, the people and a different life, because they will share the locals life and daily routine for a while.

In this way, this wonderful island is no longer simply exploited. It will be treated with the respect it deserves.

The islanders and the temporary residents benefit equally from each other when ideas and lifestyles of the others are not only tolerated, but viewed with curiosity and lived on a trial basis.


Here we go!
Words have been followed by deeds finally!

The house is now a place of mobile working and meeting-point for like-minded people. At the same time it is a place of shelter and security as well.


Three flats will be rented to remote workers. One flat will be converted into an office where people can work together. Those who need peace and quiet while working can retreat to their own flats or find their workplace in the shade of palm trees in the garden.

Street cafés, the nearby beach or simply a chat with "colleagues" are tempting during work breaks.

We also live in the house and work here in our own offices. Our door is (usually) open to our fellow residents.


By the way: who's "we" ? ūü§Ē


"We" are Sandra (44) and Guido (55). We came over from Hamburg/Germany in 2010.

We are inseparable since 2000 and happily married since 2006. That's why we are a well-coordinated team in every situation.

We both work online from home at VILLA CARPE DIEM and are happy to have "colleagues in the team".

"We have settled in well on the island and appreciate the pleasant climate and the beautiful nature. 
Life and work at VILLA CARPE DIEM are exciting and varied because we always work and live with interesting people for longer periods of time. When you are working at home all the time, you appreciate variety and social contacts during breaks and after work."


It's not a cliché: life and work under the canarian sun is relaxed and productive at the same time!

Our flats for rent

The VILLA CARPE DIEM has got four flats: two flats on the ground floor, a duplex flat and a studio on the upper floor. The offices are on the upper floor too.

The flats are furnished and equipped for long stay.


The rental flats in detail: